Jumaat, 25 Disember 2009

Happy New Year in advance and Merry belated Xmas :)

haha~i jusr realized that i didnt update my blog for over a month now :) sorry, nowadays my life is a bit busy :)

by the way, Happy New Year in advance. hope 2010 will be a better year for me :) hmmmm, really hope can have a sincere lover n settle down~ well, wish me luck eh ;p

oh, Merry Belated Xmas to u all too~haha~

Sabtu, 21 November 2009

My Chinese Sucks~

i cant read a lots of Chinese words~well at least im learning and trying to be better :) through nice songs~

it were all oldies~ :)

better and better :)

This is the 12th day since I break up and of coz I still miss and love you but the feeling is getting less. Everything keeps getting better. I started to get used of my single life again. Hang out with close friends to heal my wound. Karaoke session is the best thing to do to cure my wounding days. Oh, Spring’s K-box is finally open and it is very cheap~(RM 8 if you got the student card :) haha~I’m glad that I have good friends around me to accompany me to sing k.

wow~time flies~all the degree students are having their holidays again. hmmm~next week will meet them again and eat steamboat together :) haha~ more activities are coming up next :D its time to find more new friend :)

By the way, finally I got my 1st self car but I still not very good in driving this new toy/car. I still need to take some times to get used to it.

Selasa, 17 November 2009


Hmmmm~recently crazily listening to this song~its really meaningful to me :)every single word in the lyric is related to me :)

ah.. ahh.. ahh..
ahh.. ahh..
ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh..

la la la.. ahh.. ahh.. ooh..
ahh.. ooh..

once upon a time, we swore not to say goodbye
something got a hold of us and we changed
then you sat alone in pride
and I sat at home and cried
how'd our fairytale just end up this way

we went round for round til' we knocked love out
you were laying in the ring, not making a sound
and if that's a metaphore of you and I
why is it so hard to say goodbye

I can't wait to hate you
make you, pain like i do..
still can't shake you off..
I can't wait to break through
these emotional changes..
seems like such a lost cause
I can't wait to face you,
break you, down so low
there's no place left to go..

I can't wait to hate you..

love is, was a love phenomenon no one could explain
and i wish, i could press reset and feel that feeling again
i sit and press rewind and watch us everynight..
wanna pause it, but i can't make it stay

round for round til' we knocked love out
you were laying in the ring, not making a sound
and if that's a metaphore of you and I
why is it so hard to say g'bye

I can't wait to hate you
make you, pain like i do..
still can't shake you off..
I can't wait to break through
these emotional changes..
seems like such a lost cause
I can't wait to face you,
break you, down so low
there's no place left to go..

I can't wait to hate you..
uh uh uh..

no need to call my phone cause I changed my number today
a matter a fact, I think i'm moving away (away)
sorry, the fustrations got me feeling awake
and i just keep having one last thing to say
and i just wanna hold you, touch you,
feel you, be near you, i miss you baby baby baby..
i'm tired of try'na fake through, but there's nothing I can do..
boy I can't wait to hate you..

I can't wait to hate you
make you, pain like i do..
still can't shake you off..
I can't wait to break through
these, emotional changes..
seems like such a lost cause
I can't wait to face you,
break you, down so low
there's no place left to go..

I can't wait to hate you.. baby..

I can't wait to H.A.T.E.U.
Cuz right now i need you
I Can't wait to let you go

Ahad, 8 November 2009

its really true

i found this from some blogger and i found out that i did send some of this message. silly me :) Really hope that he read the message below and realized how i feel at that time. its all too late now as both of us are no longer together.

1. 当你收到“你干嘛呢?”实际上是想说“我想你了”。
1. When you receive "What are you doing?". But actually he is trying to say "I miss you!"

2. 当你收到“呵呵”,多是没笑或者傻笑。
2. When you receive "hehe". Majority means he is not smiling or giggle.

3. 但如果是“哈哈”或者“嘿嘿”,这时你打过去一定是在笑。
3. But if you receive "haha" or "heihei", sure one is laughing when he type.
Not really...

4. 说你“傻瓜”或者“笨蛋”其实是关心你,担心你,希望你照顾好自己。
4. When he say "silly" or "stupid". Actually he is caring and worrying about you, hope you can take care yourself.

5. 如果是问句结束,其实是希望能和你多聊一会儿。
5. If sentence end with question mark, actually he wish to chat more with you.

6. “哦”多半是在敷衍。
6. If he answer "oh". Majority means he is just perfunctory entertaining you.

7. 但如果是“知道啦”,“收到”,“遵命”之类的则表示比较在意。
7. But if he answer "I know le", "get it", "yes sir" and so on, which mean he care with it.

8. 有时劝你忙自己的,其实他是口是心非。
8. Sometime when he asking you to busy your work don't bother him, actually he do not mean it.

9. 把他的傻事,丢面的或失落的事告诉你,是希望你安慰他,开导他,甚至骂骂他。
9. Telling you all the silly things, shameful things that he did, actually he hope you to comfort him, or even scold him.

10. 主动发信息给你,说明你在他心目中有一定的分量,一般人不喜欢和不在意的人罗嗦。
10. Text you actively, means you are important to him, normally people won't talk much to people that they don't care.

11. 如果给你起外号,是希望你可以记住他多一点。
11. If he give you a nickname, means he hope you remember him.

12. “我刚到”,“我已经到家咯”说明进屋第一个想到的是你。
12. "I just reach", "I reach home le" shows that once he reach home, the first in his mind is you.

13. “你到家了就告诉我一声”,“你到家了没啊?”意思是我要你一定平安了,我不许你有事。
13. "Tell me when you reach home", "Have you reach home?" means he want you to be safe, don't allow you get hurt.

14. 有时不会那么巧就发错给你,可能是他想发给你又实在又没东西发,虽然这样很愚蠢。
14. There will never be an action called accidentally sent, maybe he wish to send something to you but dont know what to say. Although that is silly.

15. 收到“转发2人会幸福哦”,是他觉得这条短信很有意思,但是不忍心让你转发给10人,就偷偷把10改成了2。
15. Change to "forward to 2persons will get happiness oo", means he felt that this message is meaningful, but don't want you waste money to send to 10 persons, so he change to 2 instead of 10.

16. 凡是那种“不转发就会不幸”咒语性质的,他不是没有收到过,但是绝不会转发给你.
16. Those message says "if don't forward you will get curse.", it doesn't mean he won't receive this kind of message if he don't send you, just he will never forward to you.

17. 有一阵你没有收到过他的短信,但不表示他草稿箱里没有。
17. If he didn't text you for sometime, it doesn't means his draft box is empty.

18. 如果可能,他晚上不关机就是因为你。
18. If possible, he don't shut down the phone at night all because of you.

Jumaat, 6 November 2009

Missing u :)

i told u that i'll stop contacting u in these few days ~silly me~ it is just the 1st day and i've already missing u so much :) maybe this time my love is true love.......

Ahad, 1 November 2009

yo~~~:) long time no see~

its been a while since i updated my blog~ :)

Selasa, 1 September 2009


Recently I became very emotional for some reason. Now, the old busy body Collin is back!! :) No more moody ~I should cheer up :) im supposed to be happy go lucky and that’s what make everybody like about me. As u all (my friends) know, things that happening around me even though it is nothing to do about me, I will get annoyed easily and give them a piece of my mind. This kind of attitude sometimes give me problems too coz I will gain enemy easily. I know sometimes I m a weirdo. apa boleh buat~ I m who I am. I just like to help people.
Anyway, recently nothing to do, therefore, I go to read some blogger's blog. wow, i really think some of them are a bit childish even though some of them are older than me. 1st case, well as you all know, Malaysian just celebrated their 52 years of independent day / Merdeka, i just red about a blogger slagging of his own country and keep posting some lame joke to humiliate the country. I think that is so stupid. It’s just like hitting his head using baseball bait. Well, at least Malaysia is the place that u born and u stayed before. If u hate this country why bother come back? I know even though Malaysia is not a smart country (I mean the government) but I believe there is still even worse country out there. Maybe u came from a rich family. U can live in a better country anytime u wants and that is why u never appreciates what Malaysia gave to u before. U just kept thinking about the negativity and forgets about the good one. U think it is funny to make fun of ur own country?? i mean ur ex country~I don’t think it is funny, I just feel that it is stupid. even though u live at other country now but Malaysia is always the country u live for at least for 20 years gua~i mean too late to chance countrynow(all the debu-debu from Malaysia already corrupted ur mind la,haha) Anyway, that’s your blog, u can write whatever you want but this is my blog and I can write whatever I want too~haha~
2nd case, an idiot blogger keep worshipping/fu lan pa (in Chinese mean help people hold their testicle) good looking guy and let them adopt him as their little brother. He kept please them by giving sweet talk n try to make them happy. He even doesn’t mind to let those leng zai bully him. After I red n know about this person, im like ‘what the hell’~ he is just degrading himself and making himself look cheap. Most of the time he does is about how to look good and how to make himself suffers to keeping fit(he suffer because he kept complaining about it). For me, of course looking good is important but the main point in keeping fit is to be healthy. I wonder if he is good looking and slim, will he go to the fitness centre??(If not, then I hope he die early~ haha, I m so evil) I think there is so much more important thing out there than everyday thinking about how to make yourself look hot. For me, true friend and family is very important. It’s really hurt whenever I argue and lost a friend. Human nowadays are so heartless, they can tell u stop to be friend without thinking twice and lost from your sight straight away.
3rd case, this one is not from blog. I just heard from some jerk or may I say jealous guy? This is the second time I heard people said like this again~they said that I only befriend with people who are more uglier than me so that I can be the most attractive or shall I say the most eye catching one among my friend~im like ‘wth’ again~y should I be like that~crazy la~I befriend with everyone. Look is not very important to me la~okla, I admit that most of my friend is not good looking but I can assure that they are very sincere and kind than the snobbish lengzai or leng lui out there~ I wont be your friend even if u r a super model if u got lousy attitude.

p/s:today daddy sick jor~i bring him to see doctor and the clinic is situated in front of my primary school~wow, it sure change a lots since i left the school~

Isnin, 31 Ogos 2009

I'm Sorry and I Love U

please...can u give me another chance... :(

Jumaat, 28 Ogos 2009


just came back from Sematan~a quiet place that far away from the hustle bustle city. its a great place for family and friends to relax. Sematan is 2 hour away from my place. dont expect to see shopping centre at there coz all u can see is just empty land and jungle.hahaha~the place is so peaceful and it let me relax my mind + do some reflection of my past.

with my hometown friends

we can talk a lots whenever we are together :)

we stay at Retreat Resort and this is our penthouse

our room

miss jee n shan ping watching the Rm1000 flat sreen tv :)

making supper for friends~i look ugly and blur blur in the picture~swt

Ahad, 23 Ogos 2009

1 week at kl for my convocation :)

i live 3 days at Ah Sen house, 2 days at Replica Inn, 1 day at Genting, 1 day at Nova Hotel.
saturday (8th of august).it was my 1st day arrived at kl, used bus from lcct to klia coz i wanted to use transit to putrajaya. arrived at putrajaya and saw sen sitting on the bench waiting for me and giving me the peaceful smile :)(he look handsome with his new hair style but he still wont grow taller, haha)went to his house n put all my belonging into his room then straight away we went to petaling street to cut my hair.after i cut my hair, we went to buy bus ticket from kl to tanjong malim(my uni is actually situated at perak)and genting ticket for thursday.after we bought the ticket, we went to time square to repair my watch and meet darren didi. darren was still as skinny as usual but he became more muscular as he told me that he go to gym every 2 day.fooling around at kl for the whole day then went back, straight away we sleep lo~

look at him~damn cute, the mouth still got rice, i think he want tabao gua~haha

eat at pavilion

sunday (9th of august). we went to Pavilion to watch GI Joe. nothing special, the story is so-so only but the CG is great:) i dont remember all the character in the movie as im too young when i watch GI Joe cartoon in tv. after the movie, i called lots of old friends to meet up but only ace(usually i will call him ass)came. coincidently, we also met eddie who told us that he cant come out but we caught him at pavilion :P that day we were a bit tired and ah sen also having flu. therefore we went back earlier. at ah sen house, he introduce eugene, karen, and leo to me. we even went out to have our supper together except eugene as he went back earlier.

ass, sen, n i

sen watching tv

only manage take leo's photo~sorry karen n eugune coz didnt have chance to take pic with u both.

monday (10th of august). went to tanjong malim alone to do rehersal for my coming convocation and pay fee for my convo pictures.at there i met some of my old uni friends~they all changed a lot since we last met including me la~(became older).while waiting for the rehersal, i went to the office to take my certificate for outstanding achievement in study and find my lecturer. after that, the rehersal started and i found out that the rehersal was not important at all. therefore i skip the rehersal and go back to putrajaya. that night didnt go anyway just stay in ah sen house online because ah sen seem sick jor(duwan to trouble him to go out `lepak2`)last day stay at his house. really want to thank him for letting me to stay at his house and accompany me. i really appreciate every moment with a nice guy like him :)

thanks ah sen for your cute key chain and the bangkok shirt :)

tuesday (11th of august). family came to kl from sarawak. early morning i go to bukit bintang to check-in the hotel. hmmm~i think it was not a hotel la~its just an inn, Replica inn~the room and the service were damn lousy. next time, if you want to stay at bukit bintang remember dont u ever stay at Replica Inn. the price for the room is quite high also~next time its better i stay at imperial hotel(next to replica inn)because imperial's room rate is same with replica.

cam whoring in the room :p

wednesday (12th of august). the day that i waiting for so long.it is my graduation day. early morning went to tanjong malim. the ceremony started around 2pm. my brother arrived tanjong malim around 1.30pm from Sabah. we do everything in rush. the ceremony finish around 5.30pm. then i straight away go to the studio to take picture with my family and i dont even have time to take pictures with my coursemate. after i took my graduation pictures, my family and i went to have our dinner then staight away we go to the bus station wait for the 8pm bus.

everybody busy with their handphone :D

thursday (13th of august). bought 9.30am bus ticket to genting. that day bit rush too coz everybody wake up late and it was rainy day.getting is still no different. our room were quite cheap (only rm 109) and big.i like to shop at genting's pdi, always manage to bought something special from the shop. at night, we went to the casino. my bro and sis each won rm50 except me, i lost rm20.after gambling at the casino, my bro, sis n i went to club again~we r just crazy whenever 3 of us r together~we r in our own world again~jumping around on stage, table and everyway,hahaha~everybody look at us, so funny some guys try to come near us and dance with us :p songs for that day were a bit bored~so slow~

that day, genting was quite cold because kl kept raining. my lousy camera cant take a good quality picture.that my bro, sis, mom n dad

friday (14th of august). check-in Nova Hotel around 3pm. it is a family room and cost us rm 290. this time the room is far more comfy than replica inn~after check-in, we went to mid valley for shopping~we dont have enough time to shop at there because i have to rush back to time square to take back my watch.hmmm~quite expensive lo~its cost me rm160 to fix my old odm watch~it is quite expensive maybe because i up-graded it into latest version gua :)at night we though of going club again but at last didnt manage to go as we all were too tired.

omg, i look stupid~hahaha :D

saturday (15th of august). it was time to go home. Before we go back to our hometown, we shopping again~buy buy buy~hohoho~flight was 5pm and arrive kuching around 7pm. safe, fun and memorable trip :)

Kylie Minogue - Wouldn't Change A Thing

[x5:] I-I-I I wouldn't change

Some people don't understand
What I see in you
If only they knew
They think my head's in the sand
They'll never see
The best side of you
Is my heart ruling my mind
Maybe I'm not right every time
But I know I'm right about this love of mine

If I had to do it all again
I wouldn't change a single thing
There's no questioning in my heart
When it comes to our love
I wouldn't change a thing

Yeah, I've had my doubts
My ups and downs
On the merry-go-round
They say my heads in the cloud
But I'm keeping one
Foot on the ground
I know they say love is blind
But he's the best thing that happened to me
And I'm not ashamed for the world to see


[x4:] I-I-I I wouldn't change

Is my heart ruling my mind
Maybe I'm not right on every thing
But I know I'm right about this love of mine

[repeat & fade]

Rabu, 19 Ogos 2009

damn arrrghhh~so angry~

this one is especially for u n if ur friend want also then he can get it from me~

sometimes, u will feel that they are trying to againts u~(feel innocent)its not my fault~u started it 1st~trying to make fun of me, then when i try to make fun of u back, u get angry pulak!! shit la!!arrgghhh so angry~i have enough of this!!simply say u want to stop to be my friend whenever u r angry.ok, now im serious,dont want to be my friend then dont want la!! i dont care~~~~isshhhh!!!im not a basketball simply let u throwing around. u all seems like its easy to click delete a friend but im not!!its really hurt~~isshh, i just lost 2 friends in one day.both of them are bestfriend, nowonder are the same type!!!get angry easily!!if get angry easily then dont come to disturb people, later u get angry urself again!!shit la~always say im childish. if im childish then im sure i will do mistake n live in a miserable life like u now!!!!arrrggghhhh!!!hate people always think that they are very mature, in fact they are not + younger than me!!(maybe kids r like tht, always try to be mature)that y i dont listen watever u said n wont change.dont forget im closer with older people more than u do. if ur point is mature/logic or concrete enough of coz i will accept n follow but u r not~~im damn hate u~hate u that i always let u win. now, no more, u go die la. i dont care~!!!byebye!!arrggghh~~

p/s:phew~blogging really can make me feel better~anyway,excuse my broken english because im really mad~

Khamis, 6 Ogos 2009

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

which version do u think is better?

or the original version :)

Isnin, 3 Ogos 2009

funny but true :)

Rabu, 29 Julai 2009

Nowadays producers are lazy ~;~

notice any similarities? actually those songs are from the same producer~swt

Best man~

the bride and bridegroom. i dont have many picture of the bridegroom because he don't like to take picture.

Here is the best man experience that I promise will post few weeks ago~hoho~actaully its nothing special la~ because my friend is not very religious type of person. So I quite free to be his best man~haha~

09/07/09~It is a big day for my friend  he is that 1st that got married. He is my old classmate and my hometown friend that I usually hang around. His wife is just 20 y/o~ (4 years younger than us). She is so young~ hmmm, I think my friend done something wrong and that why they get married so early but his wife doesn’t look like pregnant. Anyway, I don’t dare to ask them, all I can do is to wish them all the best.
8/07/09 (a day before my friend’s wedding)
Actually I’m quiet disappointed because my friend still didn’t ask me to be his groomsman or usher~ waited until 8pm suddenly they (friends who just came back from Singapore and Sabah) call me and invite me to the bridegroom’s house. Then I realised that these people do things in last minutes. We went to the bridegroom house to accompany his last day as unmarried man :)

the wedding car
4 am woke up. My friends came to fetch me to the bridegroom’s house and I also didn’t know that I was chosen to be his best man ~swt. The reason I was being chose to be the best man among my friends is because I m the tallest and only I can stand next to the best man for the lady side coz im taller than her. That day I didn’t wear as cool as usual because all my old schoolmate + friends are born in rural area. I will just look like an alien if I wear like urban kids~haha~ things that I like about my rural area(hometown) friends is that they are so friendly and like to help each other no matter how busy or how far they are. I feel so comfy whenever I meet them. Urban friends are more selfish + kiasu if compare with my rural area friends.(whatever la~ im like teaching geography~haha~) anyway, lets continue our main topic for this post~haha~ 5 am we went to fetch the bride. Of coz~ b4 we enter the bride room, we need to pass some challenge by the supporter (bride’s friends) from the bride side. I think bridegroom will think that I m really worth to be his best man lo coz I help him a lot hoho~
1st stage = drink some weird veggie juice mix with chilli. My other friend is so clever, he throw away the juice after I drank 2/4 of it as I complaint that they use lousy blender~
2nd stage = using bread to decorate a sentence to say ‘I love u’. This time of coz they ask my help again as I m an art teacher.
3rd stage = the bridegroom have to answer a few questions about the bride. Luckily he answered all the questions correctly.
4th stage = the bridegroom have to sing a song for the bride while jumping like a frog. (The bridegroom seem a bit angry while doing it~haha)
5th stage = all the guys have to work hard to blow all the flour away inside the big bowl just to find the correct key to open the door lock.
Final stage = have to take away ribbons that tied on the door by just using our mouth. I am the tallest and of coz they need my help again to take away the highest ribbon.

6 am, take the bride to the bridegroom’s house. After that, some traditional occasions were held.

Everything finish around 8 am and for the extra time, we went to a beautiful park to take some photos for the couple. While taking picture, I saw a cute dog doing exercise at the park alone. So funny, the dog was not afraid of us. It just mind his own business~

favourite picture that i took.

10 am – back to the bridegroom’s house. While waiting for the lunch, we play some poker games and take some pictures using my lousy phone.

1 pm – I was damn tired and go back home to have some nap before the dinner.

the bride and i. i try to wear as good boy as possible coz there are a lots of old folks at there.

6.30 pm – sat on my own table and I saw lots of old classmate. I feel like I m in my old secondary school classroom.

11.00 pm – the dinner finish. My friends n I went to have some drink at Isabella. Nice surrounding and beautiful decoration.

12.00 pm - went back to each other's home. i told a lots of ghost story inside my friend's car and all the girls are very scare~haha~im very naughty hor~

Jumaat, 24 Julai 2009

Fat Girl by Steel Panther :)

recently a bit busy to study for my coming interview to become a real teacher~therefore, i have no time + a bit lazy to type about my bestman experience~haha~let's view this video that i found quite cool and funny :)

I saw her drinking beer, eating peanuts by the bar.
I was pretty desperate, and I knew she had a car.
She said her name was debby, she was a friend of Jenny Craigs.
She had boobs like watermelons, and breath like rotten eggs.

I know you're hungry, I can see it in your eyes
'cause you're lookin' at me, like I'm a side of fries.
I wanna take your chubby ass, back to my place
Squirt my baby gravy, all over your face, yeahh.

Woahohh, woahohh
Thar she blows!
Woahohh, woahohh
Thar she blows!
Fat girl, she's everything I wanted and more
Fat girl, she can't fit through the door
Woahohh, woahohh
Thar she blows!

I wanna prove to you, that my feelings are for real,
So I'm gonna buy you, a million happy meals.
I want a chunk o' that body, if you only let me
I wanna sink my summer sausage, into that double-chin yeahh!

Woahohh, woahohh
Thar she blows!
Woahohh, woahohh
Thar she blows!
Fat girl, is ridin' my jock again
Fat girl, is snackin on my cock, again!
Ouch, don't bite!

*Guitar Solo*

My friends keep telling me, I must be going blind
You've got cottage cheese, all over your behind yeahh,
Even though some people point and laugh at us,
You can kick their ass because you're bigger than a buusss!!

Fat girl, I can't believe you're eating again
Fat girl, where does your neck begin?
Woahohh, woahohh
Thar she blows!
Fat girl, put my hot dog into your bun
Fat girl, you're really really tons of fun!
Woahohh, woahohh
Thar she blows!
Woahohh, woahohh
Thar she blows!
You're my fat fat girl, oh
You know I really love you!
'cause you're my fat fat girl, oh

Come here baby where you goin'?
Haha, you're a cow!
Come here baby
I love you!
I can't live without you!
Can't live without you!
Come here!
Hey! *whistle*
Come here!
*various animal noises*

It's like a jungle in my appartment dude!
All these hot bitches,
And that one fat girl ...

Rabu, 15 Julai 2009

funny video i found in youtube

my bro show me this funny video one year ago. quite funny. wanna share with u all :)

the video is a bit blur~

next one, i found from some blogger~i hope ah sen wont angry while he watch it :/

this one is educational~haha~

okla~i will stop from here~Anyway, recently i only posted videos. well~ next post i will post about my 1st experience as a bestman :)

Ahad, 12 Julai 2009

~seem fun~

will try it soon :)
this is an exercise for those poor people who cant go to gym :)

Sabtu, 11 Julai 2009

~Fantastic performance from my idol~

An unreleased song from Kylie Minogue called 'Flower'
who say she can't sing live?
the song is about having her own baby but too bad that after her fight with cancer it seems that her dream to have a baby is shattered. from some of her fans, i found that she was crying while singing this song in other date.

Wrapped in a blanket of hope
asleep in a bed of dreams.
my step into eternity
is not what it might have been.

Or not at all
for who knows
which way the wind is gonna blow
I’m waiting for your gentle whisper

Distant child, my flower
are you blowing in the breeze
can you feel me
as I breathe life into you
in a while, my flower
somewhere in a desert haze
I know one day, you’ll amaze me

An act of balancing, imagining
the moment I can be
looking deep into your eyes
for now, a mystery

Or not at all
for who knows
which way the wind is gonna blow
I’m waiting for your gentle whisper

Distant child, my flower
are you blowing in the breeze
can you feel me
as I breathe life into you
in a while, my flower
somewhere in a desert haze
I know one day, you’ll amaze me

Two hearts
in the hands of time
your love bleeds into mine
I’ll be with you forever
and give you everything I am
want you to understand
it’s you and I together

Distant child, my flower
are you blowing in the breeze
can you feel me
as I breathe life into you
in a while, my flower
somewhere in a desert haze
I know one day, you’ll amaze me

'I Believe In You'
an old song from Kylie again but in acoustic version.

I don't believe you know me
Although you know my name
I don't believe the faults I have
Are only mine to blame
I don't believe in magic
It's only in the mind
I don't believe i'd love somebody
Just to pass the time..

But I..i..i.. believe in you
And I..i..i.. believe in you

I don't believe that beauty
Will ever be replaced
I don't believe a masterpiece
Could ever match your face
The joker's always smiling
In every hand thats dealt
I dont believe that when you die
Your presence isnt felt

But I..i..i.. believe in you
And I..i..i.. believe in you
But I..i..i.. believe in you
And I..i..i.. believe in you

And if you ever have to go away
Nothing in my world could ever be the same
Nothing lasts for ever, but together til the end
I'll give you everything I have again and again

'Cause I believe In you, I believe In,
I Believe in you, I Believe in,
I Believe in you, I believe in,
I believe in you, I Believe in,

'Cause I..i..i.. believe in you
And I..i..i.. believe in you
But I..i..i.. believe in you
And I..i..i.. believe in you

I believe in you, I Believe in
I believe in you, I Believe in
I believe in you, I Believe in
I believe in you, I Believe in

I believe, I believe, I believe in you....

Selasa, 7 Julai 2009

nice lyric~ :)


tho' your heart is aching

even tho' it's breaking

when there are clauds in the sky

you'll get by
if you
smile through your fear and sorrow

smile and maybe tomorrow

you'll see the sun come shining thru for you.

Light up your face with gladness

hide ev'ry trace of sadness

altho' a tear maybe ever so near

that's the time you must keep on trying

what's the use of crying

you'll find that life is stillworth while

if you'll just smile.

p/s: true true~usually i like to smile :)

Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

suddenly miss somebody again :)

in the evening, when the kettle's on for tea
an old familiar feeling settles over me
and it's your face I see
and I believe that you are there

in a garden, when I start to touch a rose
I feel the petals soft and sweet against my nose
I smile and I suppose
that somehow maybe you are there

when I'm dreaming
and I find myself awake without a warning
then I rub my eyes and fantasize
and all at once I realise

it's morning
and my fantasy is fading like a distant star at dawn
my dearest dream is gone
I often think there's just one thing to do:
pretend that dream is true
and tell myself that you are there

Ahad, 5 Julai 2009


I m not always happy go lucky as all of u always like to mentioned~ I also have my sad and miserable moment. It’s just that I seldom express my feeling to my friends. I only express it to my close friends.(hehe, they are so unlucky to be my close friends hor)
I m also realised that I’ve changed a lot in this 4 years especially this year. Hmmmm, I don’t know that my changing is an improvement or not. I’ve becoming more talkative (also known as bitchy for some of my friends) but of cause new friends will said that I m always bitchy. For the old friends, they will say that I changed 360 degree from inside until outside. Some of my old friends (book worm and good mommy’s boy/girl type) can’t accept who I am now and become less contact with me. On the other hand, I gain new friends that totally different with my old friends either from appearance and their thought. I’ve becoming more open minded, independent and more confident about myself if compare with the old Collin. Sometimes become open minded, and more confident about oneself will make people not really like me. Confuse~ sometimes really confuse of myself. I don’t know what I want. As usual I still confuse about myself whether the big changing of myself is a good thing for me or not.
Should I be the happy go lucky + friendly Collin that talks whatever he likes and always like to meet new friends?
Should I be the old humble quiet Collin who always likes to be alone doing his art works and don’t like to mix with people? Fewer friends mean less enemy and hates.

Rainy day always make people moody. Hope u can put your point of view about me lo.

Haha~this is my IC photo 4 years ago. I look very old but my skin was sooo fair even though the lighting is very bad at that time.

Khamis, 2 Julai 2009


crazy or not~ recently nothing to do~so, i go to youtube and found this video. now, im learning it.i hope old guy like me wont hurt any part of my body gua~hahaha~

Selasa, 30 Jun 2009


Recently 20-24th June went to Kota Kinabalu(kk), Sabah with my parent.
1st day at Sabah. We didn’t go to anywhere because it was already late at night. My bro picked us at the new airasia airport by his small Kancil and straight away we went back to his small cute house and call it a day :)
2nd day, 21 June. It was Father’s day. We went to Tuaran to have our seafood lunch. Rm200 is a bit expensive because we just order some simple dishes and the food is not satisfying us at all. The only thing that worth our payment is the XL size ABC :) Mmmm, it is a bit expensive maybe that time is peak hour gua~

take a picture before i start my lunch.

i just realised that i forget to take picture for the remaining dishes after finish eaten all the food :) haha~ yer~ the table is also very messy.

we went to the gigantic shopping mall after we took our lunch. One Borneo is situated next to Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Great decoration.

oh, one thing i notice lo~ eventhough Sabah have more shopping places than Sarawak.(no offence to my Sabah friends, swt)most of the people in Sabah tend to interested in lalazai style or very old fashion lo~ they either overly dressing themselve or wear like they're going to market lo~

it is the third time i went to One Borneo. a lots of new booth opened since the last time i came here.

after a long walk in One Borneo. we went to a famous bread shop to have our dinner. i forget the shop's name because my bro drive and i just sit inside the car waiting to have my dinner :p wow, i also notice that Sabah have Sarawak Kolomee but it is damn expensive~ you have to pay Rm5 if you want to eat it.(the original Kolomee at Sarawak only cost around Rm2-3)

3rd day, 22 june.

we went to some shopping centre again. Sabah really have a lots of shopping places compare to Sarawak, swt~

Sabah is damn hot. it is not suitable for cc guy and queen/ ah moi who want fairer skin to visit lo coz im at there for a few days already become 'O-Nang'(black guy).my skin will become dark even if i stay in my bro house.the salty beach air is so uncomfy and i always feel want to take bath but i wont complaint la since i want a darker skin.(look more manly)the weather is so hot at there. therefore, we go to a
restaurant call 'Yew Ai' to eat some icy cold things. my bro order this one. i dont know it's name.(im very bad in memorize name~swt).

my dad order this one and again, i forget the name.

i only remember this one because it is my favourite ice red bean~ i like it so much. everytime i come to Sabah, i will definately order this one. actually it is not worth to eat this ice read bean lo coz it cost Rm4 and ice red bean at Sarawak is only RM1.50. ice red bean only contain red bean , sugar and milk but i still like it so much because at here i can pour as much milk as i want by myself

my mom order it too. if u like ice red bean with lots of milk then go to Sabah, find a restaurant call 'Yew Ai'and order it.

show u the pic again~mmmmm~it so tasty~the picture make me miss it so much.REMEMBER, order it~

after eaten all the sweat stuff, we continue our visiting~ we went to the Philippines market to buy some crystal.yep~this is the night view and that is my gor gor(brother) heading to the market~

after that we walk around KK and found a club. according to my sis in law, this club is famous for 'that' kind of people go d~i mean guy guy or girl girl~haha

4th day~23 June~

went to Sabah Museum. it is a bigger museum compare with Sarawak but nothing inside. Only have big space but not many things to see compare to Sarawak one.

hehe~i only have 1 picture that have me in it at Sabah.oh~thats my cap and not my hair.

after that, we went to other shopping centre and bought a few very delicous egg tart(if i say delicious then it must be very very delicious coz i never a fan of egg tart before). my mom thought of 'tabao' 30 egg tarts back to Sarawak but too bad, it is running out of stock lo~

5th~last day at Sabah~

we didnt go anywhere else and we are already sick of eating food at outside. so, i ask my mom to cook.homemade food is always the best eventhough it looks simple :)

this is the famous Sarawak Ikan Terubuk.(my mom bought from Sarawak)i just remember want to take picture while im in my half way eating it :p

haha~i just can't live without meat. oh~ actually we have another bowl of soup but again, i eat until forget to take picture.

after we had our lunch~ my bro send us to the airport and wait for the 4.50pm flight to Kuching.

that all for my Sabah trip~a bit boring hor~apa boleh buat~coz my parent get tired easily. Consequently, they cant visit lots of places.