Sabtu, 21 November 2009

better and better :)

This is the 12th day since I break up and of coz I still miss and love you but the feeling is getting less. Everything keeps getting better. I started to get used of my single life again. Hang out with close friends to heal my wound. Karaoke session is the best thing to do to cure my wounding days. Oh, Spring’s K-box is finally open and it is very cheap~(RM 8 if you got the student card :) haha~I’m glad that I have good friends around me to accompany me to sing k.

wow~time flies~all the degree students are having their holidays again. hmmm~next week will meet them again and eat steamboat together :) haha~ more activities are coming up next :D its time to find more new friend :)

By the way, finally I got my 1st self car but I still not very good in driving this new toy/car. I still need to take some times to get used to it.

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