Isnin, 31 Ogos 2009

I'm Sorry and I Love U

please...can u give me another chance... :(

Jumaat, 28 Ogos 2009


just came back from Sematan~a quiet place that far away from the hustle bustle city. its a great place for family and friends to relax. Sematan is 2 hour away from my place. dont expect to see shopping centre at there coz all u can see is just empty land and jungle.hahaha~the place is so peaceful and it let me relax my mind + do some reflection of my past.

with my hometown friends

we can talk a lots whenever we are together :)

we stay at Retreat Resort and this is our penthouse

our room

miss jee n shan ping watching the Rm1000 flat sreen tv :)

making supper for friends~i look ugly and blur blur in the picture~swt

Ahad, 23 Ogos 2009

1 week at kl for my convocation :)

i live 3 days at Ah Sen house, 2 days at Replica Inn, 1 day at Genting, 1 day at Nova Hotel.
saturday (8th of august).it was my 1st day arrived at kl, used bus from lcct to klia coz i wanted to use transit to putrajaya. arrived at putrajaya and saw sen sitting on the bench waiting for me and giving me the peaceful smile :)(he look handsome with his new hair style but he still wont grow taller, haha)went to his house n put all my belonging into his room then straight away we went to petaling street to cut my hair.after i cut my hair, we went to buy bus ticket from kl to tanjong malim(my uni is actually situated at perak)and genting ticket for thursday.after we bought the ticket, we went to time square to repair my watch and meet darren didi. darren was still as skinny as usual but he became more muscular as he told me that he go to gym every 2 day.fooling around at kl for the whole day then went back, straight away we sleep lo~

look at him~damn cute, the mouth still got rice, i think he want tabao gua~haha

eat at pavilion

sunday (9th of august). we went to Pavilion to watch GI Joe. nothing special, the story is so-so only but the CG is great:) i dont remember all the character in the movie as im too young when i watch GI Joe cartoon in tv. after the movie, i called lots of old friends to meet up but only ace(usually i will call him ass)came. coincidently, we also met eddie who told us that he cant come out but we caught him at pavilion :P that day we were a bit tired and ah sen also having flu. therefore we went back earlier. at ah sen house, he introduce eugene, karen, and leo to me. we even went out to have our supper together except eugene as he went back earlier.

ass, sen, n i

sen watching tv

only manage take leo's photo~sorry karen n eugune coz didnt have chance to take pic with u both.

monday (10th of august). went to tanjong malim alone to do rehersal for my coming convocation and pay fee for my convo there i met some of my old uni friends~they all changed a lot since we last met including me la~(became older).while waiting for the rehersal, i went to the office to take my certificate for outstanding achievement in study and find my lecturer. after that, the rehersal started and i found out that the rehersal was not important at all. therefore i skip the rehersal and go back to putrajaya. that night didnt go anyway just stay in ah sen house online because ah sen seem sick jor(duwan to trouble him to go out `lepak2`)last day stay at his house. really want to thank him for letting me to stay at his house and accompany me. i really appreciate every moment with a nice guy like him :)

thanks ah sen for your cute key chain and the bangkok shirt :)

tuesday (11th of august). family came to kl from sarawak. early morning i go to bukit bintang to check-in the hotel. hmmm~i think it was not a hotel la~its just an inn, Replica inn~the room and the service were damn lousy. next time, if you want to stay at bukit bintang remember dont u ever stay at Replica Inn. the price for the room is quite high also~next time its better i stay at imperial hotel(next to replica inn)because imperial's room rate is same with replica.

cam whoring in the room :p

wednesday (12th of august). the day that i waiting for so is my graduation day. early morning went to tanjong malim. the ceremony started around 2pm. my brother arrived tanjong malim around 1.30pm from Sabah. we do everything in rush. the ceremony finish around 5.30pm. then i straight away go to the studio to take picture with my family and i dont even have time to take pictures with my coursemate. after i took my graduation pictures, my family and i went to have our dinner then staight away we go to the bus station wait for the 8pm bus.

everybody busy with their handphone :D

thursday (13th of august). bought 9.30am bus ticket to genting. that day bit rush too coz everybody wake up late and it was rainy day.getting is still no different. our room were quite cheap (only rm 109) and big.i like to shop at genting's pdi, always manage to bought something special from the shop. at night, we went to the casino. my bro and sis each won rm50 except me, i lost rm20.after gambling at the casino, my bro, sis n i went to club again~we r just crazy whenever 3 of us r together~we r in our own world again~jumping around on stage, table and everyway,hahaha~everybody look at us, so funny some guys try to come near us and dance with us :p songs for that day were a bit bored~so slow~

that day, genting was quite cold because kl kept raining. my lousy camera cant take a good quality picture.that my bro, sis, mom n dad

friday (14th of august). check-in Nova Hotel around 3pm. it is a family room and cost us rm 290. this time the room is far more comfy than replica inn~after check-in, we went to mid valley for shopping~we dont have enough time to shop at there because i have to rush back to time square to take back my watch.hmmm~quite expensive lo~its cost me rm160 to fix my old odm watch~it is quite expensive maybe because i up-graded it into latest version gua :)at night we though of going club again but at last didnt manage to go as we all were too tired.

omg, i look stupid~hahaha :D

saturday (15th of august). it was time to go home. Before we go back to our hometown, we shopping again~buy buy buy~hohoho~flight was 5pm and arrive kuching around 7pm. safe, fun and memorable trip :)

Kylie Minogue - Wouldn't Change A Thing

[x5:] I-I-I I wouldn't change

Some people don't understand
What I see in you
If only they knew
They think my head's in the sand
They'll never see
The best side of you
Is my heart ruling my mind
Maybe I'm not right every time
But I know I'm right about this love of mine

If I had to do it all again
I wouldn't change a single thing
There's no questioning in my heart
When it comes to our love
I wouldn't change a thing

Yeah, I've had my doubts
My ups and downs
On the merry-go-round
They say my heads in the cloud
But I'm keeping one
Foot on the ground
I know they say love is blind
But he's the best thing that happened to me
And I'm not ashamed for the world to see


[x4:] I-I-I I wouldn't change

Is my heart ruling my mind
Maybe I'm not right on every thing
But I know I'm right about this love of mine

[repeat & fade]

Rabu, 19 Ogos 2009

damn arrrghhh~so angry~

this one is especially for u n if ur friend want also then he can get it from me~

sometimes, u will feel that they are trying to againts u~(feel innocent)its not my fault~u started it 1st~trying to make fun of me, then when i try to make fun of u back, u get angry pulak!! shit la!!arrgghhh so angry~i have enough of this!!simply say u want to stop to be my friend whenever u r angry.ok, now im serious,dont want to be my friend then dont want la!! i dont care~~~~isshhhh!!!im not a basketball simply let u throwing around. u all seems like its easy to click delete a friend but im not!!its really hurt~~isshh, i just lost 2 friends in one day.both of them are bestfriend, nowonder are the same type!!!get angry easily!!if get angry easily then dont come to disturb people, later u get angry urself again!!shit la~always say im childish. if im childish then im sure i will do mistake n live in a miserable life like u now!!!!arrrggghhhh!!!hate people always think that they are very mature, in fact they are not + younger than me!!(maybe kids r like tht, always try to be mature)that y i dont listen watever u said n wont change.dont forget im closer with older people more than u do. if ur point is mature/logic or concrete enough of coz i will accept n follow but u r not~~im damn hate u~hate u that i always let u win. now, no more, u go die la. i dont care~!!!byebye!!arrggghh~~

p/s:phew~blogging really can make me feel better~anyway,excuse my broken english because im really mad~

Khamis, 6 Ogos 2009

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

which version do u think is better?

or the original version :)

Isnin, 3 Ogos 2009

funny but true :)