Selasa, 1 September 2009


Recently I became very emotional for some reason. Now, the old busy body Collin is back!! :) No more moody ~I should cheer up :) im supposed to be happy go lucky and that’s what make everybody like about me. As u all (my friends) know, things that happening around me even though it is nothing to do about me, I will get annoyed easily and give them a piece of my mind. This kind of attitude sometimes give me problems too coz I will gain enemy easily. I know sometimes I m a weirdo. apa boleh buat~ I m who I am. I just like to help people.
Anyway, recently nothing to do, therefore, I go to read some blogger's blog. wow, i really think some of them are a bit childish even though some of them are older than me. 1st case, well as you all know, Malaysian just celebrated their 52 years of independent day / Merdeka, i just red about a blogger slagging of his own country and keep posting some lame joke to humiliate the country. I think that is so stupid. It’s just like hitting his head using baseball bait. Well, at least Malaysia is the place that u born and u stayed before. If u hate this country why bother come back? I know even though Malaysia is not a smart country (I mean the government) but I believe there is still even worse country out there. Maybe u came from a rich family. U can live in a better country anytime u wants and that is why u never appreciates what Malaysia gave to u before. U just kept thinking about the negativity and forgets about the good one. U think it is funny to make fun of ur own country?? i mean ur ex country~I don’t think it is funny, I just feel that it is stupid. even though u live at other country now but Malaysia is always the country u live for at least for 20 years gua~i mean too late to chance countrynow(all the debu-debu from Malaysia already corrupted ur mind la,haha) Anyway, that’s your blog, u can write whatever you want but this is my blog and I can write whatever I want too~haha~
2nd case, an idiot blogger keep worshipping/fu lan pa (in Chinese mean help people hold their testicle) good looking guy and let them adopt him as their little brother. He kept please them by giving sweet talk n try to make them happy. He even doesn’t mind to let those leng zai bully him. After I red n know about this person, im like ‘what the hell’~ he is just degrading himself and making himself look cheap. Most of the time he does is about how to look good and how to make himself suffers to keeping fit(he suffer because he kept complaining about it). For me, of course looking good is important but the main point in keeping fit is to be healthy. I wonder if he is good looking and slim, will he go to the fitness centre??(If not, then I hope he die early~ haha, I m so evil) I think there is so much more important thing out there than everyday thinking about how to make yourself look hot. For me, true friend and family is very important. It’s really hurt whenever I argue and lost a friend. Human nowadays are so heartless, they can tell u stop to be friend without thinking twice and lost from your sight straight away.
3rd case, this one is not from blog. I just heard from some jerk or may I say jealous guy? This is the second time I heard people said like this again~they said that I only befriend with people who are more uglier than me so that I can be the most attractive or shall I say the most eye catching one among my friend~im like ‘wth’ again~y should I be like that~crazy la~I befriend with everyone. Look is not very important to me la~okla, I admit that most of my friend is not good looking but I can assure that they are very sincere and kind than the snobbish lengzai or leng lui out there~ I wont be your friend even if u r a super model if u got lousy attitude.

p/s:today daddy sick jor~i bring him to see doctor and the clinic is situated in front of my primary school~wow, it sure change a lots since i left the school~