Ahad, 26 April 2009


Damn~if I told u that I didn’t love u anymore….then I m lying. I still miss u. Even though we have feeling to each other once but we never become couple before. Ha~ maybe because we always argue and never agree with each other’s point of view. You are the 1st person that I really fall for and the person that I waited for 1 and a half year to be together. U never accepts me but I can understand why :) I always do dumb things in front of you. I don’t know why I become like an idiot~maybe because I m very nervous when I m with you. Knowing you for quite some times. Seeing u changing quite a few of lovers too. I know I m a bit stupid, I’m still waiting someday maybe I still have the chance to be your lover…..
Today just finish my last practical days. 12.37 am, packing everything preparing to go back to my home town. Suddenly, I saw the ‘Maggi’ paper bag u gave to me in the last day that we met. Grabbing my hand phone, straight away I call to you. I m a bit jealous when I heard you are with you lover :) but I m happy for you too because you finally found your job and you seem quite happy with him. Anyway, if you read my blog now. I want to tell you that make sure you are a good ‘lao po’ and take good care of him. Don’t always so stubborn and argue just like we usually do :) I will back to Sarawak soon and hope I can see you again in the future. Oh~good luck for your everything..tata~

Farewell present from my students.

Hehe, if you are a good teacher then u will get presents from them lo~


Just finish my 14 weeks of practical. While packing my books, I saw my old diary lying on the floor and I found an interesting info in my old diary.

Ta dah~~!! It is my height from 1989 until 2005. swtswtswt~it seems that I stop growing since 4 years ago~ isshh~really hope I can grow taller :)

After that, I look back my old photo between the 1st day and the last day of my practical at SMJK Choong Hua.



What’s the different? I bet u will say ‘nothing different leh’ but I may not agree with you because my inner self do change since I teach at that school. I experienced how a dad (teacher) taking care of all his naughty kids (students). I’ve learnt patience.)

What am I doing recently?(part two)

These pictures will tell it all.
At KL again.

I went to kl again to meet Wilson, Darren, Ah Sen, Watermelon, and Ting Yoong. Kaken, and Jeremy ‘put aeroplane’.

Ting Yoong(the one that hiding his face like aunty but he still can’t hide his lion hair) and Watermelon(the fat one).

Basketball competition.

A-yi and I become commissioner for the competition. Our school for the boy’s team got second place and the girl’s team became champion for this year. Both of us become very dark after two days of outdoor under the hot sun without sun block.

A day visit to Gua Tempurung and Ipoh's Jusco

I went to ‘Gua Tempurung’, fooling around in the cave for 3 hours with my students. I have to take care of them because I m their scout teacher.

Actually the cave is quite dangerous and a bit challenging for the students. In the cave, one of the part I need to hold my students while they were sliding down from the hill. It was so embarrassing because actually I need to grab my student hand while she is sliding down from the dangerous place but in the end I grabbed her breast. I have to make thing clear ar~ it is not my fault ar~ your whole body bang on me 1st~swtswtswt…

Resting at a small river around the cave~Splash~

Teacher and all the scout students.(can u spot where am i?)

After we leave the cave, we went to Ipoh, Jusco, to have our lunch and of cause I never miss the arcade :). That day was a bit weird, my friends keep telling me that there was a handsome guy keep looking at me. Turning back to see how he look, errmmm, I really do agree with my friend, he is really handsome wor. He is very tall too. It seems that he is accompanying his parent to shopping gua. Aiya, I dun mind d,if u really want to be my friend~come ask my number la and dun keep peeping at me la~hehe.

Amber Stone Ulu Yam resort.

3 old teachers, Myho and I went to have 3 day 2 night camping with all the PRS(Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya) students.

With the president of PRS

With Ex student

With PRS senior student.

‘Curi tulang’

Students attacked by leeches while having their jungle tracking.

We rest for an hour at a beautiful waterfall.

Giant leaf. so dangerous, will knock on our head anytime~

Miss Lai, Myho, student n I.

Kampar pasar malam.

1st time went and saw a pasar malam that base on Chinese style. Mmmm~the cake are seducing and cheap too (3 slice only RM5.00) but it taste…..

Eat steamboat with 5 teachers, A-yi, and 1 ex student.

See Ah Kuen face so funny~ prepare to fight for the foods.

They treat us because we will leave the school soon.


i m gonna crazily post all the post that i type in these few days muahahaha~because until now only i can online~ :p


Recently just watched a movie called ‘Marley and me’. The movie really touches me because I have the same experience before.
I always wanted to have a new big dog again but my mum wouldn’t aloud coz it will be very hard for us when it is time for our pet to go. It’s like losing one of our family members. Usually dogs can live around 13 years. Best memory with my dog was when I was in form 2. I fall down and hurt my knee while playing football. I can’t believe that my dog were more nervous than my friends when it saw my knee was bleeding. Rushing to me, straight away it licks my wound. Usually dog will lick its wound maybe because they believe that their saliva can make the wound heal faster (how do I know? I m not a doctor). That cool dog follow me everyway I go and try to protect me whenever it think that danger is around me.
Puma, another dog of mine, died last year. For most of my primary schoolmate may know that I had a big black stupid+ naughty dog just like a puma and that’s y we name it Puma. It was a heartbreaking experienced for me when I saw my dog became blind after I came back from my uni to have my holiday. (Dog are like human too, when they are old they will started to have visual problem) The 12 years old dog always fall into drain coz it can’t see. Day by day, Puma started to eat less and it always cried at night.( maybe it started to know that it time has come gua~). To stop Puma suffers, my family finally decided to bring Puma to the animal doctor and give poison INJECTION to stop it last breath. Thank god I didn’t at there to see the process because that time I m still in west Malaysia. My mum cried while she called me and told me that my dog is no longer accompanying her.

Through the movie, I really agree with what the author said:
“Dog has no use for fancy car, big home, or designer cloths. A water log stick will do just fine. Dog didn’t care you are rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dump, give them your heart and he will give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare, pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?”

P/s: Breaking news!! My mom just inform me that my long lost cat (disappear nearly 1 year) suddenly come back to our home. It look older now but it still give us respond when we called it ‘Milk’.swtswtswt~

Selasa, 14 April 2009

Happy 28th Birthday Bro..........im gonna bankrupt soon @_@

today is my police bro 28th birthday. my mom's birthday is 2 days earlier than my bro.so, i need to spend a lots in every april. anyway~happy birthday to you and dont always give your family worries la~

a nice+sad birthday song that i listen recently but it is nothing to do with my bro la. i just wanna share it with you all :)

Ahad, 12 April 2009

Mom, Happy 57th Birthday :)

she is the one that protected me when im in very deep down. she is the one that make me accept who i am. she is the one that keep supporting me.i know she didnt read my blog because she dont even know how to use a computer but i would like to tell the whole world that today is my mom's special day. i want to wish her Happy Birthday and for me,she is the best mom.


mom loves animals just like his son.

Isnin, 6 April 2009

What am I doing recently?

These pictures will tell it all.

This is the only picture that I captured during our visiting to Kampar.
My course mate and I went to Kampar around UTAR area after we can’t found a good food for our dinner in Bidor and we spend 1 hour to reach Kampar. Surprisingly, it is a small city. The surrounding is very beautiful and a lots of restaurant. They have Grand Kampar Hotel too.

I went to Teluk Intan with 5 teachers and 1 ex student to see the unbalanced tower.(I can’t remember it’s name~swt)

I’m one of the judges for the PBSM cooking competition that held at the school canteen. The food seem so seductive hor~ but don’t be fool by the decoration. Some of the food are half cook, and doesn’t have any taste at all. Some of the students even forget to take away the prawn’s poo.

I went to Da Sek Shan.(big rock mountain) The place is so pretty just like a painting~

Now, I’m having my mask session. Recently, started to use mask because don’t know why my face grow a lots of pimples. Hahaha, the picture looks so funny hor~ my friend said that I’m so dare to post an ugly picture in my own blog. I replied him that I’m not afraid people saw my ugly pictures, I only afraid they don’t know who I am :)