Khamis, 26 Februari 2009

Nintendo, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, PS1, PS2, PS3…All about game la~

All my housemates are going back to their hometown. Sitting alone in my room, I search some info about old video games~ it’s really bring back a lots of sweet memories and time goes by so fast. I still remember I started playing video game at the age of 6.(18 years ago) It is all because of my uncle that I started to learn how to play video game. I still remember that the old games that I learn to play are Pac Man and Super Mario. At that time, Nintendo joy stick only have up, down, left, right, A, B, select and start button.(so simple) of cause the graphic is dreadful  because Nintendo graphic is only 8 bit. We were not using cd to play those games. We used tape. I m a fan of Rockman/Megaman 1 at that time and I having a hard time to defeat Iceman. Donkey Kong at that time was very popular but I not very keen on it. Hahaha, I do remember ‘1947’ the plane will fart whenever it try to evade enemies bullets~
Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is the 1st fighting game that I played. Street Fighter 2 have better graphic because Sega Saturn’s graphic is 16 bit. I do not have the chance to play Street Fighter 1 because Street Fighter 1 made it debut in the arcades in 1987 and I m too young to play it. My 1st favourites RPG game is Fantasy Star 4: The End of The Millennium and Rika is one of my favourite character. I started to try out Final Fantasy 4 after I learned how to play RPG game. I do agree to magazines that mention Final Fantasy 7 teaches gamers how to cry. It is the saddest moment in the gaming history when Aeris die. Everybody said that Final Fantasy 7 is the best Final Fantasy volume but I do not agree with it because I think Final Fantasy 4 is the best maybe because it is the 1st Final Fantasy that I put my hand on it even though the graphic is very ugly. I really loves the songs in Final Fantasy 4 especially ‘Theme of Love’. So far Final Fantasy already releases 13 volumes. I manage to play all the volume except 3 and 13.

Final Fantasy 4 'Theme of Love'

Final Fantasy 7 'Aerith's'

Final Fantasy 10 'To Zanarkand'

Talk about fighting games~ I used to be very pro in fighting games. Hehe~I still remember when I m 10 – 12 years old, I always challenge secondary school students. Those big gor gor (big brother) were very angry because they cant defeat me no matter in Street Fighter EX or The King of Fighter.

Street Fighter 1 released when im just 2 years old~swt

Look how its changed over the years~

Nowadays it is so easy to find anything I want in youtube. I found a lots of old games theme and it really bring back all my sweet childhood memories. Phew~ I feel so emotional and old now as I listen to all the games theme songs. Every theme have story behind of it :)

Oh~Wild Arms is also one of my favourite RPG game.

Ps1 Tales of Destiny opening song.

Haha~thats all from me now~enjoy those songs ya~ ;)

Jumaat, 13 Februari 2009

Happy Valentine~!

tomorrow is valentine's day and it's also sport's day for my school~ for a single guy like me~ it is not a special day for me at all~ its just a day like everyday. hehe~but i bet tomorrow is an interesting day. looking at my shy students sending chocolate to their love one :)

Selasa, 10 Februari 2009


i`m new at here so a lots of things that i don't know how to manage. i want to put songs in my blog but don`t know how and i don't know why my profile situated at below of my blog~isssh~so annoying~oh~why my blog is in Malay version?swtswtswt~anybody can help me~

P/s:another funny video that i found from youtube. Angry woman drives off with tow truck attached. :)

Isnin, 9 Februari 2009

~2nd month of my practical~

I started to know some of the shops around my new living place. Bidor is a small town. I usually will buy some bread from a bakery shop at night for my supper. I thought those delicious bread are make by aunties~(because at night the bakers are not at the bakery shop anymore, only left 2 casher at there). Yesterday morning I went to the shop and surprisingly I found out that all these days the bread that I ate was made by 5 stars leng zai. Wow, it is the 1st time that I saw all the bakers are male + very leng zai. That day I saw 4/5 bakers making some new delicious bread. One of them are very tall~even taller than me (im 180cm). I like to buy their breads because the breads that they made are very creative and different than the other bakery shop that I have patronized. Too bad I can’t take their picture because they will kick my ass if they saw I’m taking their pic, hehe. Okla~I will stop at here.oh, if you want to read my old blog/post, you can go to my friendster and read it :)

P/s: this video is so damn funny. Especially when she say ‘we should wear proper attire’ when the camera showing her wearing high heels.

Ahad, 8 Februari 2009

~The whole January~

OMG time flew so fast~ can’t believe now I’m in my third week of practical~ still have 11 weeks to go and I hope it finish faster~ okok~lets summarize what I do in the whole January.
1-4 Jan = nothing special…
5th = went back to west Malaysia. Stay 1 day at KL because I want to buy New Year cloths at there. Stay at Season Hotel at Jalan Alur accompany by Khien and Ting Yoong J I force them come to accompany me bcoz recently heard a lots of hotel true ghost stories~ I spend Rm1++ to book the room but it is damn dirty. U can see small cockroaches around the room. That day while I went to shopping, I also met Eddie at Pavilion. Haha, he said ‘Eh, aren’t u at Kuching, why come here?’ and I answer ‘I study at here’ then that’s all for our lame conversation.

Khien didn’t want to take picture because that day he doesn’t look leng zai enough but I took it anyway. Hope he didn’t see this post coz he gonna kill me if he saw his not very leng zai picture at here. Hahaha~

10th= stay at new place. Now I live at Bidor, Perak. I’m having my last semester practical.

12th = 1st day of my practical. A bit nervous and they have assembly. All the students look at me like an alien. The principal want me to teach Art and English in the afternoon session because there are not enough male teachers in the afternoon session. Therefore, I was force to separate my friends (2 girls) because they were asked to teach Form 3 and 4 classes in the morning session.

13th= aunties (old teacher) at the school like to gossip (they spend too much time in gossiping no wonder they always complain that they don’t have enough time to do school activities) and bully the young one (us). I even heard some of the teachers said that I’m snobbish and did not respect them. They are really crazy~ I’m extremely busy writing my lesson plan because the principle gives me the timetable so late. Where on earth I have time to say HI and shake hand one by one with all of them. I did give them a warm smile whenever I saw anyone of them. I think maybe they expect me to give them ang pao, foods, or even gold to show my respectful.

19th= I started to used to the school 3 8 3 8 atmosphere after one week of practical at the secondary school. I didn’t join the teachers to gossip other people. I just do my work/part until 6.45pm then straight away I go back to my sweet old rent house.

22nd = feel a bit uncomfortable because wherever I go, people will look at me. Feel like a celebrity :P hahaha, its feel like paparazzi everywhere. know y? because wherever I go, secondary school kids will come to me and call ‘teacher! teacher~~!! Teacher~~~!!!’ 22nd nite. Miss Ho, Miss Tan and Miss Tan’s bf invite me to go to a small restaurant to eat some delicious foods for my coming birthday J after that (10 pm) 4 of us crazy people drive from Bidor to Kampar just want to see the Kampar’s Tesco look like. 11 pm arrive there and we only manage to buy half price cheese cakes then we spend another 1 hour to go back to Bidor << 23rd=" going">

Before going back to my hometown, I also stop a while at kl to do some shopping. The decoration in Pavilion is so beautiful.

24th= my birthday~!!1st time in 4 years celebrate my birthday at my hometown. Nothing special, just sing k with a group of old friends. Sing until heart out : P my parents and my bro cant figure out what kind of present I like. So, they just give me ang pao and ask me buy myself. swtswtswt.

Men YSL limited edition perfume. It is a special present from my sister. Thank you, sis :)

28-29th (3rd and 4th day of chinses new year) = my old classmate and I went to nearly 20 houses. So geng~its like marathon.

30th= meet Yuno. Go yam cha~ hehe, he is still so quiet and shy.

31st= going back to Bidor. Issshhh~Im so don’t want to go back to my practical place dunno y~ feel so emotional especially when my mom call me.

Ok, that’s how I spend my boring life in the whole January. Tata~