Ahad, 28 Februari 2010

End of February

time really flies~wow~just notice tht i just posted 1 post in every month started from jan :p life had becoming a bit busy since im entering teacher's life.well, life at school is a bit hard for me too because i have to learn everything that are new for me.hhmmm~school holiday will start in two more weeks. yay~finally, i can go to kl again. my sis just sponsors me flight ticket to go to kl in last minute.i hope i can meet all my old friends at kl :)
har~today is Chap GOh Mei/last day of CHinese NEw Year/Valentine day for the chinese :)any plan?celebrate with ur lover or family? :)

recently im busy designing 5S banner for my school~i hate the way all the teachers doing their work at here coz they like to do everything in last minute~they ask me to design 6 banners and demand me to hand up all the work in 1 day~they r just crazy~i dont like people rush me to do something~hate it~