Jumaat, 22 Mei 2009


hahahahaha~tarts my body~i think Chun Weng may like this because the korean guy is singing his idol's songs~haha~

Khamis, 21 Mei 2009

~Real Ghost Story part 1~

For those who are alone in a dark place now, you better don’t read this post lo, if you are the timid one.
Hmmm, I bet you all are already bored of reading about me. How bout today we talk about ghost?
I do agree with some of my friends who said ghost appears no matter it is night or day time. As long as the place that you stay is dark, old, and quiet. Oh, percentage will be higher if had people died at there before. Therefore, make sure your new house is ‘clean’ or don’t have any ‘dirty’ record before you move in.
Real story 1:
Well, my mom is a nurse and she already doing this service for the government for 35 years. I heard lots of ghost stories from her. 1 of the real ghost story is quite similar with what I heard from TV.
Once upon a time…hehe ;P one day, while my mom work in night shift. Everybody heard somebody is kept playing and fooling around in the lift. The lift kept going up and down non stop for the whole night. It was midnight, one of the doctors is so angry because he needs to use the lift to go to the ground floor. Oh, my mom works in the maternity floor. The annoyed doctor walk into the lift but the lift still didn’t close after he press the close button for a few time. Without thinking twice, the fuming doctor scold in front of nobody in the lift “don’t play with me, I’m busy! If you dare then shows yourself in front of me!”.
Suddenly, the lift was functioning. It goes down to the ground floor. While the lift was open. The doctor saw an ugly woman with a messy long hair filled with blood looking at him. Her eyes look straight to the doctor eyes and the doctor felt like the woman eyes have magnet. Her face move closer to his. The doctor was quite brave, he didn’t scared at all. He looks at her also without any hesitation. The woman disappears after the doctor wiped his eyes to make sure what he saw was real or not. Going up to the maternity floor again, the doctor told my mom what he saw. The doctor told my mom that the ghost that he saw is actually ‘Pontianak’. The woman looks like a pregnant mom who died after giving birth. She seems like searching her baby. Poor thing eh : (
Real story 2:
Ok, the second real story. I heard it from television. A Hong Kong famous artist talk about his experienced in meeting ghost when he stayed in an old famous hotel after he attended a movie award ceremony at Taiwan. The room that he stayed with his girlfriend was situated at the corner and it was quite a big room. That night, he was fall asleep and his girlfriend was sleep next to him. His girlfriend was still not sleep yet la~ While laying on the bed, she heard sound came from the toilet. She heard “Click, click, click’ sound. Somebody was opening her facial container one by one. After opened the entire facial container, she suddenly heard again somebody was closing back all of her facial container one by one. Shocked, she hugged her boyfriend (the artist) tightly and closed her eyes. All of a sudden she heard foot steps walk out slowly from the toilet (the toilet located behind both of them). She heard the foot steps came nearer. Then the foot steps sound stop and she felt that somebody was lying down on their bed. It seems that somebody was behind of her and trying to sleep with them. Bolt from the blue, she just hugged her boyfriend tightly and tried to sleep. 7 a.m. in the morning, she told everything to her boyfriend. Disbelief, the artist laughed at his girlfriend and said out loud that ‘hahaha, there is no such thing as if the ghost dare then you appear in front of me la!’
12 p.m. before checking out their room, the artist was alone in the room to check that whether they still left anything in the room or not. His friends and girlfriend were waiting for him at the counter. While looking around in the room, the phone rang. Therefore he went to pick up the phone that situated next to the bed. The phone was still ringing after he picked up. Then, he realised that it was actually the phone inside the toilet rang. The washroom is still very dark even though it was day time. So, he walked into the washroom. An ugly skinny lady unexpectedly appears in front of his face before he switched on the light. The lady was standing upside down facing very close to his face. Shocked, he wiped his eyes to see whether the thing that he saw was actually real or not. After he wiped his eyes, the lady suddenly disappears. Switching on the light, straight away he answered the phone and left the room. THE END.

Haha, this is my part one real ghost story. Next part will continue other time la. I mean wait until I’m not lazy to tell story :p
Oh, the moral value for today is never says ‘if you dare then you appear in front of me la!’. well, unless you want those scary creature show themselves for you la :p

Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

~Finish my degree with happy ending~

i just got the result for my final semester . Yay, i'm so happy that i have 3.70 again just like my previous semester~now, i'm waiting for my convocation on the 15 of August.hope i can meet all of my old kl friends again :)

anyway, sorry that i just publish short post because recently i've been busy preparing things for my coming camp. The camp is specially for form 5 and form 6 students that will enter government university soon. im the leader for the information department :D (now i'm an old old senior)

oh, stay tune for my coming post because i will publish a long and real life scary post.hehe~

~Nobuo Uematsu creation~(he is such a brilliant music composer:)

Selasa, 19 Mei 2009

To all my precious readers

You all should be more take care of yourself ~o~ because recently i saw a lots of my friends having flu, coughing and fever.
make sure you take more bath, drink water, and eat healthy foods :)
oh~no worry, Collin at here is still very healthy :D


i'm using this picture as my desktop wallpaper. these cats are so cute, aren't they?(thanks, Ah Sen :)

Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009


i thought they already live in a better life~swt

Jumaat, 15 Mei 2009

~haha~damn funny la~

i know it is an old video but hope those who haven't seen will like it. anyway, beyonce and justin are such a great dancer~ :)


Real version of 'Single Ladies'.

p/s:if wanna see the full funny version, then u can go here :)

Khamis, 14 Mei 2009


hope can have that kind of abs~swt

no,no,no,this one is too scary~eventhough still have people hope to be like that la~

okey~I manage to have the chest and the arms that I want. Of cause my chest and arms are not as big as the second model la. I prefer smaller arms and chest because I feel that arms and chest that are too big will make a person look like an ape or a gorilla. Oh, dear, why o why, I still can’t have the 6 pecks that I hope for~ so frustrating. Any smart guy out there who knows how to build pecks EASILY?

p/s:I’m listening to Natalie Bassingthwaighte~ She is such a great new artist :)
anyway, I’ m only into european electro pop dance type of song.

Sabtu, 9 Mei 2009

~ME the author~

Old picture of mine

I didn’t put new picture because I’m in the process of changing new look.hehe~

anyway~i stole this questions from so zai Jimmy’s blog.

001. Real name: Collin Chong Voon How
002. Nicknames: for those who speak broken English will usually call me Khor Lian(mean poor thing in Chinese Hakka)
003. Married: still single then how can I married?
004. Zodiac sign: Aquarius
005. Male or female: Male
006. Age: 24
007. High school: SMK Sungai Tapang and SMK Batu Lintang
008. College: errrmmm, I guess is university gua~the place that I study is so call as University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (yah~I m a teacher but usually people say that I don’t look like a teacher because teacher should look like an old fashion nerdy. Well, I try to break the stupid belief)
009. Residence: around Malaysia.
010. Hair color: Black shinny hair
011. Long or short hair: not long nor short
012. Smoke: no
013. Drink: few times
014. Available: always available
015. Are you a health freak: sometimes..
016. Weight : 67
017. Do you have a crush?: not really
018. Do you like yourself: stupid question. Of coz I like myself la~don’t worry, I wont choose suicide if I’m not happy about myself~
019. Piercings: No (I use magnetic earring because I don’t want to hurt my skin)
020. Tattoos: No
021. Righty or lefty: lefty(sometimes have artistic mood)

022. First surgery: No
023: First piercing: No
024. First best friend/s: Not remember (nowadays have too many friends)
025. First award: Drawing competition?
026. First memory: har?
027. First pet: I’m too young to remember
028. First vacation: Melbourn, Australia?
029. First concert: yesterday (in my dream)
030. First crush: ermm primary 6?
031. Last time you went out: 2 hours ago with Jimmy to Soho.
032. Last time you had a good time: Last Thursday, 1st time dancing in the club at Genting with my sibling
033. Last time you cried: I cry everyday because I got sensitive eyes. You can see tears coming out from my eyes whenever I’m laughing or even smiling.
034. Last award: Dunno
035. Last trip abroad: Forget lo~
036. Last concert: Forget lo
037. Last album you bought: X by Kylie Minogue
038. Last song you played: Here For The Music by Paula Abdul
039. Last phone call: yesterday afternoon with my sis
040. Last laugh: 2-3 hours ago

041. Summer or winter: Winter
042. Rainy or sunny: Rainy
043. Britney or Christina: Christina
044. TV or YouTube: Both
045. Oprah or Tyra: Oprah
046. McD’s or KFC: McD
047. Soccer or tennis: Soccer
048. New york or San Francisco: NY

049. Eating: Cookies
050. Drinking: Sky juice
051. Wearing: Nothing
052. Im about to: Sleep
053. Listening to: Some stupid Chinese songs from TV

054. Food: None, as long as it taste nice to me.)
055. Drinks: Tea-c special
056. Colors: White, red, and black
057. Numbers: 7

058. Want kids: Yes
059. Want to get married: Sure but hope that the person is sincere and not fooling around like a wild dog.
060. Life: keeps getting better
061. Goals: To be a better person from inside until outside.
062. Where will you live: Anyway will be okey for me as long as it is comfy.
063. Buy a house: Yes, a few
064. Buy a car: Yes

066. Love your mom?: of cause
067. Love your dad?: of cause
068. Are they still together?: Yes and still like a young couple.

068. Lips or eyes: Lips
069. Hugs or kisses: Hugs
070. Shorter or Taller: Taller.
071. Lean or plump: Lean
072. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous
073 . Nice stomach or nice arms: stomach
074 . Sensitive or loud: loud
075 . Hook-ups or relationships: Relationships

076. Bungee-jumped: Never
077. Shook hands with someone important: Yes
078. Kissed a stranger: No, that’s crazy
079. Drank bubbles: No (a good boy here.hehe)
080. Lost glasses/contacts: Nope
081. Ran away from home: Yes. I’m still childish at that time.
082. Liked someone younger: Yep
083. Older: Yep. I’m not choozie.
084. Broken someone’s heart: Yes and I’m sorry because I don’t mean to do it.
085. Been arrested: Yes
086. Turned someone down: Never
087. Cried when someone died: No
088. Liked a friend: arr…hehe

089. Yourself: Always
090. Miracles: Sometimes
091. Love at first sight: No
092. Heaven: Sometimes
093. Santa clause: No
094. Sex on the first date: No because it is no different with ONS.
095. the more you hate, the more you love: Ya
096. Angels: Sometimes

097. Is there one person you want to be with you right now?: Yes but I’m still a bit blur.
098. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at a time?: No
099. Do you believe in God?: Yes
100. Will you tag 10 people to continue this game: too lazy to do that, swt.

Jumaat, 8 Mei 2009

Finally finish my 4 years of degree

People keep asking me ‘do u want to take master?’.eeermmm, I think I want to work for a few years before I continue my studies even though my degree result is quite satisfying lo. I want to work for a few years to earn $$ for my parent (ever heard filial piety? :) ).
Before going back to my hometown, my family (my mom, bro,sis) come to Bidor to help me bring back all my heavy stuff to kl. My dad cannot come because of his job. Anyway, we spend 6 days at kl. In these few days, I do found+learn a lot from my sibling (bro and sis).3 of us are actually not very close. This is because we have our own friends and we seldom hang out together.
I just realised that my sis is a heavy smoker just like my grandfather and she just become marketing manager for Celcom in Sarawak branch.(no wonder she become so fat coz her salary become so high jor) through her, I just realised that my sis in law recently just bought a factory and some shops again but he is still as stingy as ever because big `tauke`(businessman) like him still sometimes want my sister to treat him.
Anyway, we went to Sungei Wang Green box to sing k too. Hahaha~ I think we are the oldest folks at there especially my mom. While waiting outside the shop for our turn to enter the room, I saw all of the customers are teenager. Wow, I didn’t know that my bro can actually sing really well~ohohoh~I also found out that my damn brother are not taller than me but he is a lot taller than me~swt~

My brother and sister (she become fat jor lo)

Besides, we also stayed 1 day at Genting. We went to Sahara and it is my 1st time to a dance launch. (I’m a good boy, never wild at club before,haha). Surprisingly, I found out that I can actually dance and I can even shuffle~ (maybe I born to be a dancer,hehehe) I can dance maybe because of my childhood nerd life. When I was still a teenager, I’m a big fan of Dance Dance Revolution game and I use the dancing mat to dance whenever I came back from school. All the dance steps is usefull in the disco :) my sis, bro and I own the stage that night because it seems that all the customers are so shy and dance like they are having their Tai Chi lesson. We also dance with one wild Arabian and he though my sis are my girlfriend because he saw me keep following my sister while we were dancing(I try to protect my sis coz scare those horny guy do bad things to my sis ma~my police bro also la~dance for a while already sit on the chair like a piece of shit and drink beer only) but the Arabian also stupid la~I look so old meh~swt~my sister is 11 years older than me leh~even older than my oldest blogger friend, uncle Willy, hahaha~
Har~well, I’m at my sweet old hometown Kuching, Sarawak now. 1st thing that I go hunt down is the famous tomato noodle and no more West Malaysia ‘kicap’ noodle.

Haha~this picture only make me hungry nia~ Malaysian only can found tomato noodle and the Sun Drop orange juice at Sarawak. The noodle taste sweet and sour but not spicy o~