Ahad, 8 November 2009

its really true

i found this from some blogger and i found out that i did send some of this message. silly me :) Really hope that he read the message below and realized how i feel at that time. its all too late now as both of us are no longer together.

1. 当你收到“你干嘛呢?”实际上是想说“我想你了”。
1. When you receive "What are you doing?". But actually he is trying to say "I miss you!"

2. 当你收到“呵呵”,多是没笑或者傻笑。
2. When you receive "hehe". Majority means he is not smiling or giggle.

3. 但如果是“哈哈”或者“嘿嘿”,这时你打过去一定是在笑。
3. But if you receive "haha" or "heihei", sure one is laughing when he type.
Not really...

4. 说你“傻瓜”或者“笨蛋”其实是关心你,担心你,希望你照顾好自己。
4. When he say "silly" or "stupid". Actually he is caring and worrying about you, hope you can take care yourself.

5. 如果是问句结束,其实是希望能和你多聊一会儿。
5. If sentence end with question mark, actually he wish to chat more with you.

6. “哦”多半是在敷衍。
6. If he answer "oh". Majority means he is just perfunctory entertaining you.

7. 但如果是“知道啦”,“收到”,“遵命”之类的则表示比较在意。
7. But if he answer "I know le", "get it", "yes sir" and so on, which mean he care with it.

8. 有时劝你忙自己的,其实他是口是心非。
8. Sometime when he asking you to busy your work don't bother him, actually he do not mean it.

9. 把他的傻事,丢面的或失落的事告诉你,是希望你安慰他,开导他,甚至骂骂他。
9. Telling you all the silly things, shameful things that he did, actually he hope you to comfort him, or even scold him.

10. 主动发信息给你,说明你在他心目中有一定的分量,一般人不喜欢和不在意的人罗嗦。
10. Text you actively, means you are important to him, normally people won't talk much to people that they don't care.

11. 如果给你起外号,是希望你可以记住他多一点。
11. If he give you a nickname, means he hope you remember him.

12. “我刚到”,“我已经到家咯”说明进屋第一个想到的是你。
12. "I just reach", "I reach home le" shows that once he reach home, the first in his mind is you.

13. “你到家了就告诉我一声”,“你到家了没啊?”意思是我要你一定平安了,我不许你有事。
13. "Tell me when you reach home", "Have you reach home?" means he want you to be safe, don't allow you get hurt.

14. 有时不会那么巧就发错给你,可能是他想发给你又实在又没东西发,虽然这样很愚蠢。
14. There will never be an action called accidentally sent, maybe he wish to send something to you but dont know what to say. Although that is silly.

15. 收到“转发2人会幸福哦”,是他觉得这条短信很有意思,但是不忍心让你转发给10人,就偷偷把10改成了2。
15. Change to "forward to 2persons will get happiness oo", means he felt that this message is meaningful, but don't want you waste money to send to 10 persons, so he change to 2 instead of 10.

16. 凡是那种“不转发就会不幸”咒语性质的,他不是没有收到过,但是绝不会转发给你.
16. Those message says "if don't forward you will get curse.", it doesn't mean he won't receive this kind of message if he don't send you, just he will never forward to you.

17. 有一阵你没有收到过他的短信,但不表示他草稿箱里没有。
17. If he didn't text you for sometime, it doesn't means his draft box is empty.

18. 如果可能,他晚上不关机就是因为你。
18. If possible, he don't shut down the phone at night all because of you.

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